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Featured Bonus Webzen And Events In December!

dear loyal members!

first of all, thank you for the continued support and loyalty
therefore in December, any webzen purchases are increased
100% Bonus starting now!

but wait there is more...
GameMasters and I personally will hold big events in December to keep everyone satisfied

examples of the events are:

VIP giveaways, Full Option item giveaways!
godly mob drop (100% jewel each kill)
webzen giveaways!
raffle system on the forum.
let's just say that Santa did not forget about the players in MuWar.
expect big changes to come on 2018
EXTRA BONUS! FROM 16-12-2017 UNTIL 20-12-2017

SPEND 60.00$ (53.50€)

and receive 1 item +15+all

NOTE: item +15+all must be in the shop
NOTE: item +15+all item you choose cannot be higher than your own grand resets!
NOTE: item+15+all can only be claimed on the server where the donation was made
NOTE: you can get claim more than 1 item+15+all each 60.00$ (53.50€) = 1 item+15+all
NOTE: contact me once you have achieved the donation goal to get your chosen item

dear players!

to play on the crazy and normal server!
you will need to download the patch, I cannot edit the downloads from the site so I have to do it this way

download the patch here --> PATCH

I wish everyone a happy December and holidays

with friendly regards

MuWar Administrator

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